Environmental Policy
Myklebusthaug Management has undertaken to offer and maintain a management system which considers the effect our operation has on the Environment.

Myklebusthaug Management acknowledges that the Environment is vital and anticipates that all individuals will contribute to enhance the Environment, irrelevant to their position or rank, onshore or offshore.  Each individual’s attitude and actions, as others see and observe them, will be setting standards, and this can serve the purpose of encourage others to perform their job in a way that can contribute to maintain and improve the Environment. 
In order the achieve the objectives of this Policy, a Management Systems is implemented with procedures and instructions clearly defining levels of authority and lines of communications between and amongst, shore and shipboard personnel.   It is the Policy of the Company that all employees in every function execute their work with proper concern for protecting the environment.

Company shall:
* Comply requirements of interested parties 
* Assess all identified risk to the environment and establish appropriate safeguards
* Avoiding excessive use of resources during the construction of a vessel and its operation
* Control the use of pollutants and their emission to Sea and Air
* Control our operation in order to reduce the risk of accidental pollution  to sea and air
* Ensure re-cycling of materials where possible
* Monitor our operations’ impact on the environment
* Establish and maintain effective operational  practices
* Establish and maintain effective  training of personnel, who through their work may have a significant impact on the environment.
* Continuously  improve the impact our company’s operation has on the environment
* Allocate adequate resources for our company to meet its targets